About This Event


The Comisión Sonora-Arizona (CSA) and Arizona-Mexico Commission’s (AMC) annual meeting in Sonora is the binational event where Sonora showcases and celebrates the best of the Sonora and Arizona relationship. Top level business leaders and policy makers will gather under the leadership of Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to promote a strong, cooperative binational relationship. The event titled, “Megaregion, a partnership that generates results,” will consist of distinguished speaker panels ranging in topics from cross-border business and industry innovation. In addition, the CSA, in partnership with the AMC, will host fourteen binational committee meetings with business and government leaders to develop initiatives promoting trade and cross-border information sharing. As a result, the event impacts our state and the U.S. and Mexico region.

Why Attend the CSA & AMC Annual Meeting?

Participants share a common desire to serve as international ambassadors to promote Arizona-Mexico cross-border commerce. Attendees will include the Honorable Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona, the Honorable Claudia Pavlovich, Governor of Sonora, and public and private sector business leaders, policy makers, and community leaders from Arizona and Sonora.


Puerto Peñasco, SON